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Jensen proceeded to quickly secure the three unconscious perps, prioritizing the Salarian (as he was already stirring). He flash-cuffed them all in just under a half a minute, secured their weapons, and proceeded to get Garrus down from the meat-hook and sat him down on an empty Greasel cage. He reconfigured his Omni-tool into med-scan mode and scanned Garrus' body: It reported damaged skin, a fractured rib and some inert toxins in his digestive tract, deposited there by genetically-modified micro-organisms to be excreted later. Apparently, the human torturer had taken some care in keeping Vakarian alive, no doubt to extend his suffering. The drained resuscitation package on the table, however, implied that he hadn't been all that successful.

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Effect - Surrender VIPEffect - Surrender VIPEffect - Surrender VIPEffect - Surrender VIP