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The creative player, who has been described as, ‘a scorer of great goals rather than a great goal scorer,’ is two footed but favours his right and has been deployed wide on numerous occasions.

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While at Marshall Field, Selfridge was the first to promote Christmas sales with the phrase "Only _____ Shopping Days Until Christmas", a catchphrase that was quickly picked up by retailers in other markets. Either he or Marshall Field is also credited with popularizing the phrase " The customer is always right ." [10]

Gannet was last placed on the South Rock station; which is why the name of that station is painted on the vessel’s side. She has now been permanently withdrawn and has been replaced with a Superbuoy.

In 1984 the current 4160 Ltd director and company secretary, Paul Johnson, first became involved with the project in Plymouth.    Paul originates from Plymouth and had been a founder member of the Plym Valley Railway joining at the inaugural meeting in February 1980.   He had begun his long association with railway locomotive preservation in 1975, first as a member of the Plymouth Railway Circle, then after meeting the renowned Richard Elliott, at the PRC.  He became an active member of the Dumbleton Hall Preservation Society, regularly working on No 4920 at Buckfastleigh for many years until it was completed in 1990/91.

Gareth Weston - Forgotten ShrinesGareth Weston - Forgotten ShrinesGareth Weston - Forgotten ShrinesGareth Weston - Forgotten Shrines