Maxime boiron - fikektililiposue ep - COMPÉTITION Nom DOSSARDS -

Category: Food
Media: Film
Brand: McDonald's
Agency: TBWA
Geo: France
McDonald’s Team : Xavier Royaux, Nathalie Legarlantezec, Sophie Giry, Céline Male
Account Management TBWA\Paris: Luc Bourgery, Marion Floch, Mirella Ghil, Priscilla Vaudevire
Executive Creative Directors : Benjamin Marchal, Faustin Claverie
Art Director : Jérémy Armand
Copywriter : Nicolas Roncerel
Head Of TV : Maxime Boiron
TV Producer : Elisabeth Boitte
Post-Producer : Elise Gamboa
Production Company : Insurrection
Film Director : Vincent Lobelle
Post-Production : MATHEMATIC & ELSE
Sound Producing : TBWA\Else
Music credits :
Title « Total Eclipse of My Heart »
Written and composed by James Richard Steinman
Cover : Nicolas Roncerel et Jérémy Armand
Head of Music and Sound : Olivier Lefebvre
Sound Art Director : Fanny Mithois
Sound Ingineers : Max Labarthe et Eliot Just for TBWA\Else
Media Agency : OMD
Digital and TV broadcast : November
Published: November 2017
McDonald’s introduces table service in song
No, « eat on the spot » at McDonald’s no longer means that you have to wait for your tray at the counter and to bring it yourself to your place. The brand offers a new highly innovative service to bring more conviviality to the restaurant experience and to make life easier for its customers : table service.
The principle is very simple : by ordering on a self-service kiosk, the customer can choose to be served at table. Once his order paid, he just has to come to the table of his choice and wait for a waiter to bring him his tray. That’s all!
Tested for several years in McDonald’s restaurants throughout France, the service is now available in more than 8/10 restaurants.
To promote this new service to the general public, McDonald’s communicates through a new ad campaign developed by TBWA\Paris.
In this surprising campaign directed by Vincent Lobelle and produced by Insurrection, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. While customers take full advantage of a good time spent at McDonald’s, the screens - that usually taken up all their time, are mourning their absence by singing Bonnie Tyler’s song « Total Eclipse of the Heart », reworked by TBWA\Else.

Maxime Boiron - Fikektililiposue EPMaxime Boiron - Fikektililiposue EPMaxime Boiron - Fikektililiposue EPMaxime Boiron - Fikektililiposue EP